Monday, 26 August 2013

Wayne - A Little bit About Me

Wayne Kelly

A little bit about me . . . 
I'm one of the more recent additions to The Phoenix Writers, having joined in March of this year. I am working my way through the first draft of my novel, "Let Sleeping Gods Lie" as well as writing short stories, flash fiction pieces and regular posts over at my blog, Kelly's Eye 

He shoots . . . he scores . . . GOAL!!
Well, that's the idea anyway. I am yet to submit any of my work for competition or publication, so having spent a long time producing flash fiction and multiple short story drafts, the time has come to declare some of my work 'finished' and to send it out in to the world. So, the question is . . .

What's the plan?

Long Term Goals 
To complete the first draft of my novel by January 2014
To win a short story or flash fiction competition within the the next 6 months

Short Term Goals -
To submit 2 short stories for competition by the end of September.
To submit at least 3 pieces of flash fiction for competition by the end of September.

A simple confidence trick

It's an oft-repeated truth that as writers, artists and human beings, the greatest obstacle to our success is the voice of self-doubt.
I think that the more work I submit, the more my confidence will grow and the more my writing will continue to develop. It's great to be part of a group of writers that encourage and motivate each other to greater success. I look forward to keeping you all up to date with my progress.
See you in September!


  1. Wayne, it's so nice to learn a little more about you and your writing. It's so true that we writers struggle against self-doubt; it is my biggest obstacle. However, by setting small, attainable goals we can help to boost our self-confidence in the craft we love (and sometimes hate, if we're honest), which is precisely what you are doing. All the very best with your novel. I look forward to updates on your progress.

    1. Hi Elaine and thanks for the kind words. Yes - that nasty little voice whispering, sometimes howling, in the back of our minds telling us to pack it all in before we even start. There's only one antidote: JUST WRITE! I've had a great September and have just updated the blog with my progress. Hope your writing journey is going well too?