Friday, 14 March 2014

Stick To The Plan

Bill Holder

Time I posted an update. Spring was often about new beginnings for POW escapers in occupied Europe. The snow had started to melt, tunnelling could resume or begin afresh, and suddenly the open country outside the wire had lost its white blanket and looked inviting again. Blogging about escape tunnels can make you feel like you’re in one, especially when it comes to the Subs Club Goals Lists.

There might be a hundred and one reasons why you didn’t push on that little bit further, why you didn’t shore up the excavation with a few more bed boards to stop the roof falling in and why you didn’t carry on chipping away at the face and baling out the water through the winter months.

But that’s past and it’s what you do next that’s important. The last month there's been a bit of lying and sitting down, so they can haul me up and down the tunnel on castors to do my digging stint. No better time in the quiet hours than to plan and adjust my targets.
Short term goals are measured by output and long term ones by results. With a bit of slide rule deception, here are my new ones.

Long Term Goals

Escape Line Blog to reach 60,000 hits by 31 December 2014

Publish my book

Win Prizes in Flash Fiction competitions

Win a Short Story competition

Short Term Goals

Complete final edit on book manuscript by 19 April 2014

Submit to agent with letters and enclosures by 9 May

Blog weekly

Enter 4 Flash Fiction comps by 31 December 2014

Enter 2 short story comps by 31 December 2014

Must go - I’m on stooge duty and there’s a goon in the block.



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