Monday, 30 June 2014

Leah - June; Success Smells Like Fresh Paper ;-)

So... biggest bit of news of this month: I finally managed to send my novella to Breathless Press!
You know the one, the 'cage story' I mentioned a few months ago; the one I was reading to the group regularly before I chickened out? The one I submitted the first five pages to? Remember, I got this shiny:

Well it's done. I wipe my hands of it (until I get a response anyway). The query is sent along with my synopsis and full manuscript and I'll know in the next four weeks (ish) if they plan to ta
Even if they don't I now have a list of other publishers who may be interested. Once I get through that list, depending on the feedback, I'll publish it myself (which was my original plan anyway).

In other news, I've been working hard at my latest WIP Walking The Razor's Edge. This is the second in the (Saar's Legacy) trilogy of which Silk Over Razor Blades was the first novel. All going quite nicely.

Submissions-wise... well, I sent a few letters last month. I try to do them every month because they keep me in the mood of submitting things. And one of them struck gold!
Writing Magazine printed my letter on jealousy in their July issue (or was it June...? Probably June) and picked it as the star letter!
As a prize they sent me a lovely, shiny copy of the Writers And Artists Yearbook 2014. Aaaah... the sweet scent of success! It smells like fresh, unmarked pages. ;-)

Until next time!
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