Saturday, 30 November 2013

Maria - Confessions of a Crazy Writer

Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life - Maria A Smith

You have to be a bit crazy to be a writer don't you? Firstly, you keep the strangest hours, often going to bed very late, or rising early to scribble down words conjured up from your imagination. You live inside your own head, working out scenes, often conversing with characters created on the page. You look at people oddly, perhaps weighing them up for a part in your story, and you walk around mumbling to yourself while you work out scenes and plot.

And then you have to get your work out there. Out into the big bad world where it'll have to be tough enough, and good enough, it will have to jump through hoops, be criticised by editors, publishers and judges, and anyone else who is scrutinising it with a view to showing it off as the winner, or article of the month or letting it adorn the shelves of the book shop.

 Gosh its scary. You have to be brave. Not precious. Get it out there! And thats where the Subs group comes in. Writers working together, supporting each other, each at their own pace, forging towards the common goal of seeing their work published.

Never mind if you have the most supportive spouse, or partner, there is no one quite like another writer to understand your frustrations when things aren't going right, like when you want to chuck it all in,  rip your work to shreds, and throw it onto the fire! Or to share your jubilation when success strikes. Having a fellow scribe or two, or three or more, for support, or to bounce ideas off, and to help when you're stuck or deflated is priceless.

You'll motivate each other, and share enthusiasm to enter competitions, and send work to markets, you'll become dogged about finding links to competitions, enthusiasm is infectious. They'll understand what its like to be a writer on a mission fitting stuff in between real life chores, the day job, and the other manure life chucks at you.

Stick together. Unite and share in each others successes.

So what have I done in the last month?

Started the re-write on my novel. I'm chipping away at it like a big block of wood, there isn't really much shape yet, but in my minds eye, I'm holding my book in my hand. I'm watching the trailer, and I'm feeling happy and proud and exhilarated.

I've entered a flash fiction competition, and that is all I've done, Apart from another letter to another magazine. Not my best effort.

Excuse number 1 - My Mac let me down. Its fixed.

Excuse number 2 - I'm tired. I have a very bad habit of going to bed far too late.

Excuse number 3 - I need a better plan.

I'm taking December off from subbing anything into the big wide world because I know its not really achievable with all the stuff outside of writing I need to do. It will also give me time to regroup and energise myself. I'm off to hatch a new plan for 2014.

Whats your plan? How are you going to get your work out there?


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