Saturday, 30 November 2013

Leah - November Roundup - Yeeehaaaa

Talk about a roller coaster. ^_^
Unlike last year, this November has been one of fun and frolics and absolute joy. Mission complete and all that.

If you want to know what I’m talking about, first check this post on the Phoenix Writer’s main page.

Now… I’m pleased to say that on 22 November 2013, not only had I trounced the 50k word target, but I also hit the final carriage return of my novel draft. In so far as setting a goal and achieving it, mission accomplished.

Next month I’ll talk more about what I’m hoping to do with 2014, including a return to my long term goals. I’ll see if I’m on track, what needs changing and what else I can add.

December however… it’s the festive season! *throws confetti* Hooray!

I’ve been baking:

 I’ve been taking photos:
Front camera lacks focus! - 'The kids attack!'

And writing:

I’m not done either. I mean, it’s December, so if I didn’t do some sort of Christmas story someone out there would be a little disappointed with me. Particularly since this year my boys are old enough to understand a little of what all the fuss is about. Luckily for me, Writing Magazine (or was it Writer’s Forum) has a themed competition; Father Christmas. Woohoo, right?

But what do I want to achieve this month? Well:

  • Complete, to satisfactory standard my anthology short story
  • Finish all my transcripts
  • Earn at least £100 by way of paid writing (probably goes hand in hand with my transcripts)
  • Enter at least one short story competition
  • Reassess Slippers & Chains and figure out where I need to be (editing)
  • Start draft of next ‘Meeting Each Other’ story (Bill)

Add to this list things like ‘enjoying the season’ and ‘seeing my family’ and I think that should keep me fairly busy. What about you guys? I hope you’re all keeping up with your own goals well and achieving all that you want to achieve.

Why not tell me about it? Hit me in the comments here or stalk me (what, it’s legal now!) on Twitter or Facebook. Go on… you know you wanna.

Peace! x

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