Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Checking In


December 31st seemed the right time to check in. It’s the best moment to look back on a year - a point when somehow it’s easier to unclutter and isolate the past twelve months from thoughts and plans around 2014. 
I’ve often wondered whether it was such a good idea to nail my Goals List to the mast, especially when life gets in the way of writing. During the summer, one of my friends said to me ‘Keith…you can never live and write.’ I know what she meant. Some weeks I was burning the candle at both ends - and in the middle. But we get on with it don’t we, because we’re writers and they never quit – because those that blow hot and cold or throw in the towel are not serious writers. Harsh maybe – but true.
Looking back on my goals for the last few months, sometimes that progress milestone didn’t quite get passed, or I was still short of a finishing line. That was hard to take, especially when I'd  been super glued to a manuscript instead of getting entangled in the eiderdown or eaten by the sofa after another TV dinner.

Guess I might not be in the medal positions, but I’m still at the races and in the pack as the bell goes for the last lap. Will stay positive and remind myself that what I’m doing now is far  better than what I was doing before I started to write. Life and writing will never be easy together.
Long Term Goals

•Submit manuscript, synopsis and letter of introduction to literary agents.

•Publish my book

•The Escape Line blog link to reach 30,000 hits by 31 December 2013 – At 33,850 on 31/12/13. New target 60,000 by 31 December 2014

•Win prizes in Flash Fiction Writing Competitions

Short Term Goals

•Complete manuscript by 31 October 2013 - Final Chapter completed on 10 December. Epilogue and final edits to finish. Revised completion date 31 January 2014

•Submit to agent with accompanying letters by 30 November 2013 – Deadline missed. Revised final date 28 February 2013

•Continue to blog weekly – Done

•Enter 2 Flash Fiction competitions by 31 December 2013 - One submitted. Begin serious submissions from 01 March 2014

•Write 2 Flash Fiction pieces a month – Done.  Continue for 2014


1,000 Word short story for Phoenix Writers Anthology completed on 31 December 2013

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