Saturday, 22 February 2014

Maria - 7 Ideas To Find your Subbing Mo-Jo

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It was good to take time out in December, then January arrived and I struggled to make a start. My focus taken up with getting back on my novel, to progress it far enough so that I can submit it for a professional critique. I'm not there yet.

My only other submission was for a writing commission, which I managed to get together before the closing date, although I've since heard I wasn't successful.  Rejection is something you get used to, even though its disappointing for a few days after it happens.

I've slowed down, and I got to thinking about how to get back on track.

1. Submit something, doesn't matter what it is, anything, be it a short piece of flash fiction, or the poem you wrote last night. After some careful editing of course. Something out there, is better than nothing out there.

2. Make it a habit, pick a day or evening, a time slot you can commit to on a regular basis and stick to it. Use the time to organise yourself. Select your writing, make it the best you can, read competition rules thoroughly. Get your work ready to send.

3. Scour writing magazines and websites for news of competitions and opportunities, immerse yourself in looking for opportunities for your work.

4. Buddy Up! Form a club of like minded individuals who all have the same aim, and want to get their work out there. Enthusiasm is infectious. Go on, you know you want to.

5. Set yourself deadlines. A commitment to sub two, three, four or more pieces of work. Find a competition with a tight deadline, and challenge yourself to reach it.

6. Vist old stomping grounds, dig out manuscripts that haven't seen the light of day for a while and revamp them. Change location, character names, and choose a new title. Give your work a new lease of life, and find alternative markets

7. Relax, you may be too tired? Make sure you get enough sleep, go to bed early for a few nights, then have one night where you stay up an hour later, and get those manuscripts sorted out.

How do you find your mojo? Do share any tips on getting back on the road to subbing...


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