Thursday, 3 October 2013

Blue Sky Thinking

Clouds Over Corn - Wayne Kelly
So, October is upon us and, if you saw my post in September, you will have an idea of what I was hoping to achieve - my main short term goals being:

To submit 2 short stories for competition by the end of September.
To submit at least 3 pieces of flash fiction for competition by the end of September.

I am thrilled to say that I achieved both goals, having submitted 2 short stories and 5 pieces of flash fiction. I will update you if I have any success. I am keen to keep up the momentum in October, but will be shifting emphasis a little. For October I aim to:

Submit 2 more short stories - 'Inkling' and 'Still Life'

Edit 'Beach Hut Monsters' to create another draft ready to submit to the Dark Tales competition in November.

Produce rough outline of my novel, 'Let Sleeping Gods Lie' to allow me to solve current structural issues.

The novel outline will require some serious blue sky thinking and lots of help from some of my fellow writers to allow me to get back on track with my first draft. If all goes to plan, I will be hammering out the final chapters with fresh vigour in November - working towards one of my longer term goals of finishing the first draft by January.

Watch this space and feel free to take a look at my personal blog Kelly's Eye for more writing inspiration and comic asides.

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