Thursday, 3 October 2013

Stick to the Plan

Stalag Luft 111 - Image USAF Academy Library

Just over a month now since I posted. The days slip by – merge into one another. Progress is slow. The end of the book is in sight, but I’m finding that the words are stumbling and the writing is flat. So close, yet so far. The escaper holed up in a safe house in Seville must have felt frustration. Not out of danger, but so near to Gibraltar. The last leg – maybe one more journey? He had no choice. Stick to the plan, follow advice and instructions, maintain focus. I did the same.

The scant notes and anecdotal information I had on this part of the escape were insufficient for the writing to fire. I needed to see and feel Seville as it really was in 1943, I had to walk the streets, live the scenes, hide in that safe house. Stick to the plan. Cue – books, images and old film footage of the city = result and kick start.  

My goals are pretty steady, but they’re challenging, realistic and achievable. I’ll stick to the plan.  
Long Term Goals

•Submit manuscript, synopsis and letter of introduction to literary agents.
•Publish my book

•The Escape Line blog link to reach 30,000 hits by 31 December 2013 – On course at 27,500
•Win prizes in Flash Fiction Writing Competitions

Short Term Goals
•Draw up a timetable and targets for short term goals (September-December 2013) by 31 August 2013.   Done

•Complete manuscript by 31 October 2013 - A fortnight behind schedule.  Catching up

•Submit to agent with accompanying letters by 30 November 2013
•Continue to blog weekly – Done

•Enter 2 Flash Fiction competitions by 31 December 2013   One down. One to go

•Write 2 Flash Fiction pieces a month – Done and ongoing



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