Monday, 7 October 2013


Way Out - Maria A Smith

This post is late, well overdue, my excuse if you're interested is overwork, holidays, illness and well, frankly bad planning. September  was a dreadful month, I was way too busy, and if I am totally honest, I'm only just beginning to come out of the deep black hole I fell own fault, and I will learn to plan stuff better. Won't I?

I managed a little work on my novel, a few flash fiction pieces and I sent a letter off to a magazine. I also sent a short story off to a competition too.

What of the next month then? Better planning is a must, and learning to say 'no' to doing stuff I don't really want to do. Easier said, than done, real life tends to run riot every now and again. I'm going to try hard to use my time to best effect.

I'm concentrating on my novel, doing a new outline, and then I'll be doing a rewrite. Yes, a rewrite is necessary. I'm not as daunted now, and feel I can get to where I'm going with my new plan.

On a positive, I did get my personal story in Chat magazine published. Hurrah! I attended Phoenix writers as and when I could for motivation, and the company of other writers which really does make a difference to my enthusiasm. Subs Club met to discuss what everyone has been up to, and lots of writerly things are afoot.

Now I have to go and be productive...


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